Happy Day-You-Got-Cold-Feet, Honey!

03.14.12 | Being Mormon, marriage | 3 Comments

By my calculations, today is the fourteenth anniversary of the day Tom got cold feet and called off our marriage. I don’t know what his problem was. We’d been dating for over a month and I had told him we should get married near the beginning of that time. Time enough, in other words, for him to get used to the idea, right?

Today he is adjusting to life with a wife and four daughters rather admirably. He still listens to my untestimony and fantasizes with me about how wonderful it would be to move to Australia (if they reimbursed for relocation and arranged visas and paid enough to cover our ridiculous monthly debt payments, but we still got several minutes of fun from the idea).

On Monday I got my hair cut and the neighbor lady who cuts it wanted to know what Tom has been doing to lose so much weight. I told her we’d both been doing it {insert obligatory “you look great too!”} but that Tom is much better at it than I am. (“It” is counting calories via MyFitnessPal on our iPhones.) Part of that is my hormones insisting a famine may be on the horizon and then how will we nurse the baby without a cushion of fat? And part of it is that Tom, once he sets his mind to something, is pretty unshakeable.

(See what I did there?)

This is Tom making his signature spinach shake. Real men with daughters wear pink blankets on a chilly morning. They also wear rainbow nose rings graciously.

(I had no idea that blanket was so ubiquitous.)

Tom is fair, Tom is kind. Tom is not puffed up. He seeketh not his own. Tom is so great, that if all the men in all the world were like him, I would have no practical problem with patriarchy. He is that good!

What brought on all this ooey-gooey biblicality, you ask? Well, I cannot find Lucy’s birth certificate to register her for kindergarten, and I WILL register her for kindergarten. But it costs $42 for a copy from Florida over the internet, as I lamented to Tom at dinner last night. He offered to look around the house and also the internet for a better solution. You go right ahead, honey, I said. (I said you were awesome, honey, not that you could find the mustard in plain sight to save your life, sweetheart.)

In my continued searching today, I looked through our wedding album. I knew we’d taken a picture on the same Manti Temple steps at our wedding, but I was surprised when this is the print I found. It’s not stamped with the photographer’s imprint, so it was taken by my mom or dad. I’m hoping it was my dad, because he took that other impromptu shot, and that would just be sweet.

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