We never did skate at Rockefeller Center

02.18.12 | baby Molly | 1 Comment

We’re getting started on Molly’s 10,000 hours.





Avery found it easy, as she has been rollerblading for a couple years. Callie started out clinging to the rail, ventured into the ring, fell and got a shiner, and is now the last person still on the ice. Lucy wanted to turn in her skates after her first circumnavigation, but got bored watching me watch Molly’s longing so she tried it again and got her money’s worth. Molly . . . well, Molly wants to live here.

*kudos (and an uncompensated shout out) to the Gallivan Center for being amused by Molly’s Flinstone shuffle in her tennis shoes and then providing complimentary (infant size 6!) skates.

1 Comment