Things That Must Go: $20 Donated to NieNie in your name

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Stephanie and Christian Nielson’s accident and the blogging community’s efforts on their behalf. I confess I feel stupid talking about someone I don’t know. Even if she is Mormon, and a blogger, and probably (hopefully) hopped up on enough good drugs that even if she heard I was trying to capitalize on her personal tragedy help by holding a (meager) giveaway in her name, she wouldn’t care (or she would, but in a good way, you know, because she seems like a genuinely good person).

I thought about donating my BlogHerAds revenue, and then I thought — Why the heck am I so stingy? So — leave a comment with your Things That Must Go, and I’ll donate $20 to NieNie. You can also learn more about what’s already been done and read about the recovery process.

Two fund-raising efforts that I’m excited to submit my own creations to are the Great NieNie Cookie Sale (I’ll be making Homemade Oreos) and The Blog Book (I’m searching a bit desperately for a funny post in my archives). I encourage you to join in those efforts, if you have any interest at all in cookies or blogging, and really, who doesn’t love those two things?

Here’s my Things That Must Go: Back-to-School Edition

Hustling for business at the school Skate Night. I took the girls to Sally’s school last night, where the parking lot had been cleared for skating, biking, and loud cheesy music.

As I sat on the grass eating a cold hamburger, I noticed a cute teenage girl and her mother, who looked like a Miss Utah handler.

The daughter took a flier from her mother, approached a group of elementary-age girls, and launched into a cheerful sales patter about Mini Drill Team Camps held at the High School on Saturdays.

For your registration fee, you get a free t-shirt, and personal instruction, and there are so many girls who wait in long lines to get in, but you can register early, and you’ll make so many friends and the girls who go there are so cool and pretty and you’ll be so popular.

Just remember to show your mother the flier as soon as you can, and tell her how much you want to be JUST LIKE ME when you grow up.

Now it’s your turn — what things must go? (oh. Deadline? Hmm, well, to be honest, I’ll donate the $20 bucks even if no one comments, but I sure would like to hear your things that must go. To be eligible to have the donation made in your name, comment before Monday night, okay?)

I know it’s been a long time since the iTunes Things That Must Go, but here are a few great entries from last month:

Stacey @ Happy Are We As for my 2cents, I think this whole idea of tv signals going digital has got to go! Why must *everything* be upgraded in the name of progress? (Seriously. I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. We’re perfectly happy with our bunny ears, over here. As long as we’ve got hulu.com, too).

Beth The inability to find ANYTHING in Home Depot including a sales person. The place is huge and all I want is a light switch plate (and some nobs) and it’s like going on the ultimate scavenger hunt. Every sales associate points you in a different direction and secretly I don’t think ANY of them know where anything is. (My problem is I usually have no idea what to call the super-important-thingie I need).

and the winner: Tiffany The clothes the creepy guy wears.

He roams aimlessly around our house, going through our junk mail in the mailbox, looking in the windows of our (locked) cars, and not replying when I say hi. He has worn the same grey shirt, jeans, and dirty sneakers since we moved in. I hear that he lives next door but his wife won’t let him in b/c he “lost it” mentally and is basically homeless now. I feel sorry for the old unshaven alcoholic-man, but his clothes have GOT to go.

His wife should throw his clothes out on the lawn to him or something. Maybe they only do that on movies and commercials when there’s a balcony though.

(I’ve got your email address, Tiffany, so I’ll send that iTunes card right over. Might I suggest Ingrid Michaelson’s new song “Be Okay.” Great!)

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