Sealing Wax and Cabbages, and Why a Recession Might Be the Best Thing for America

07.10.08 | blogging, politics | 4 Comments

PFM Side Button Round copyI’m guest posting at Politics for Mom today on why a recession might be a good thing. I’d ask you to go over and comment (for the love of everything holy), but, well, I guess that was a solicitation already, wasn’t it?

I wanted to thank all you nice people who commented on my Afraid to Call Yourself a Writer? post. I was hoping to share the great news that I’d won the $250 prize for most pageviews. But alas, someone who has mastered StumbleUpon got more pageviews — like 14,000 to everyone else’s 500.

StumbleUpon. Hmmm, Dick and I look at each other like, Wuh? Reminds us of the time we refused to learn how to play the 2-player card-game version of Settlers of Catan because it seemed way too involved. Turns out it’s not that complicated, not like Rook, or anything. StumbleUpon, though: that’s inaccessible.

Sometimes I think it might be nice to keep a list of all the kind things people say about my blog/writing/chocolate cake. Then I think it would probably be a good thing to keep a list of all the mean things (and, in bold, the running total of my ad revenue, which would surely keep me humble).

But I have gotten a couple of awards in the past month, and I wanted to acknowledge them here, in the vein of showing gratitude (As opposed to bragging. Really. Because wait till you see what the awards were for).

First, a confession: I lied to Toni when I told her that the Arte Y Pico Award was my first bloggy award. Because I remembered that Marie gave me an award for Biggest Mountain Dew Fan. And what a great award that was. Not too hard to live up to, so if fits my goal of having low expectations.

Toni was nice enough to say that even if my blog is not an art blog, I have created some pretty special (her words) art named Sally, Susan, and Spot. I feel a bit ambivalent about calling my children my art because, after all, any crack whore can have children. And I’m pretty sure that if when my kids turn out relatively well, it will be due to luck, good genes (from their father), and a benevolent, forgiving God.

One of the requirements for winning the Arte Y Pico award was to pass it on to five of my favorite art blogs, and here I have to make a second confession. Not only do I not even contemplate aspiring to art or design on my own blog, I don’t even really read (look at? peruse?) art or design blogs. Besides Dooce and The Pioneer Woman, and my giving them an award would be a little like Whitey’s drunk dad congratulating Fred MacMurray on being a good father.

I like Toni’s blog because it introduced me to quilling (and an interesting woman). And, wait! I do look at A Little Sussy sometimes (beautiful photography, clean, simple design, yum). So, Nicole, take this Arte Y Pico Award, and go in peace.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, please go read Why a Recession Might Be the Best Thing for America. Thanks!